The Simple Practice of the Successful Minority

Steps to Success

I have a confession to make. I am a self-help practice junkie. Chances are, you too have spent way too many hours on Google looking up the latest self development practices and then trying them out. You’ve also probably noticed there is enough out there to keep a high-achiever up into the wee hours with a new meditation or fitness app. There are some great affirmation practices, amazing woo-woo style rituals, and whole training programs incorporating multiple practices that work wonders for the right price. Don’t get me wrong…many practices, programs, training, and even power shakes can make you feel like a superstar in the short term.

Here is the real truth about starting on the path to success. I’ve verified this in talking with clients and other coaches. The one practice that came up again and again…is that you need to MOVE. Everyday. It’s that simple.

But wait. Move? Really? Well, yes. Who does this? A LOT of successful people. And before you dismiss this as simple common sense, think for a moment what movement actually is, who does this, and their results.

Simple, so why don’t we do it?

The unfortunate fact is that most people secretly don’t want to change and will make all kinds of excuses why this is not possible. They are busy – I hear that one a lot. Another one is the fear that they are choosing the wrong path, regularly research on Google for hours on end (it’s epidemic!), and are intimately paralyzed by indecision. Some are waiting for someone else to tell them what to do first. Others claim they are unorganized. What is your excuse? Fact is, a lot of people I’ve worked with are more afraid of success and change than they are of staying in their current state. I know this from my own experience with waiting to start a business and staying in an unsatisfying job way too long. It SEEMS easier to stay stuck.

MOVE? Like exercise? C’mon.

Now, when I say move, I don’t necessarily mean physically move your body, although that is a great way to jumpstart positive change in your life.

What I really mean by move is CHANGE YOUR STATE. For those of you that know about Tony Robbin’s style coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you’ll get this. State change puts you in the driver’s seat for life change.

Try 5 minutes of:

  • walking
  • running
  • cleaning the house
  • writing


Pick any healthy activity, that you can stand doing daily, for 5 minutes, and DO IT. Really.

The Successful Minority

Sounds too easy, right? Do it now. I’ll wait…did you do it? No? If you did give it a go, you are probably a good candidate for the Successful Minority. These are the few that try something, keep an open mind, learn more, and then follow through. A single step is the right direction is a great start, and many won’t even do that. But here is the next level up on the Successful Minority mindset…can you keep it up for two whole weeks? Put it in your smartphone as a reminder – NOW. Get someone to remind you. Then do it. Do what it takes to make it happen. The big upside to being part of the Successful Minority is that the world will conspire to help you once you show a commitment to the process. A great coach can help too.

So when I say move it means to develop and choose a healthy practice – one could say it is a personal ritual. And then specifically doing the same activity, every day, compounding the benefit. And who knows? You too could start to attract the success that others only dream about.

Want to have the courage to answer your calling, manifest abundance, and live a life of significance…finally? Let’s talk.

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