“The first thing I noticed about Lara was how professional and calm she was. She has a wonderful presence that’s comforting. Lara coaches with confidence and skill that I admire. She was able to sift through the details, help identify the core issue, and guide me to solutions that worked for me.”

March 2017

“I have known Lara in a professional capacity for a number of years and have found her to be a person of integrity, honesty with a high degree of intelligence and commitment. Lara has been a passionate contributor to our organization as a member of our Board of Directors. She has applied her valuable skills and abilities to several facets of our mission. Lara is a compassionate and caring person who seeks to do her part to improve the lives of others.”

January 2017

“Lara helped me to launch my podcast. It had been months of procrastination prior to working with her and although I still missed a couple deadlines, I did get it completed and now am on a regular release schedule with no sign of stopping. Her consistent check ins and inspirational / enlightening questions and exercises really helped me overcome my own doubt and inner judge that was scared to put my work out there. Thanks Lara!”

October 2016

“Lara was a great help in getting me to find more balance in my life. She asked the right questions and kept reminding me how important it is to make balance a priority in my life.

I’m now more productive and yet less stressed! I recommend Lara if you want to live a more fulfilling life! ”

November 2016

“Lara was immensely helpful in coaching me on balancing my life. She has great and clear communication and also has a very effective method to help people be accountable. She came across as a coach who takes genuine interest in helping the client achieve his/her goal and I felt very comfortable working with her. Would definitely be working with her again in the future and would highly highly recommend trying out her coaching!”

October 2016